FAQs: Create Your Own Virtual Tour

What is a VIRTUAL PARTICIPANT and what is included in that registration?

As a Virtual Participant, you can participate in the Tour and support TREE Fund in the way that works best for you, wherever you are located. Virtual Participation is for you if:

  • You enjoy cycling but maybe not 500+ miles of cycling
  • You can cycle 500+ miles but not in one week!
  • You’re not available the week of the Tour
  • You don’t have enough vacation time for the Tour
  • You live far away and can’t afford to travel to the Tour
  • You actually don’t like to cycle – you’d rather walk, run, or swim.

When you register as a Virtual Participant, you pledge to complete a certain number of miles by the end of the Tour des Trees doing the activity of your choice (cycling, walking, running, swimming). You may join a team or participate as an individual. Your registration includes an official 2018 Tour des Trees tee shirt which will be mailed to you after the Tour.

You may ask your donors to support you with a flat donation or a per mile pledge. For reference, Tour des Trees cyclists raise $7/mile, so if you’re cycling, we hope you will consider setting the same goal. If you’re walking, running, or swimming, though, the fundraising per mile goal should be set higher. (If you run a 26.2 mile marathon, for example, you would probably want to raise more than $183 for that effort)!

Virtual Participants may choose any level of fundraising (called the “Goal” on your fundraising page) but will be held to that commitment. The Goal on your fundraising page on August 4, 2018, will be considered your commitment and the amount for which you will be held accountable. This commitment must be met by midnight on August 5, 2018; any shortfall will be charged to your credit card on August 6, 2018. 

You are encouraged to link an exercise monitor such as Map My Ride to your fundraising page so supporters (and teammates, if applicable) can see your progress towards your goal!

Virtual Participants can register and raise funds through August 4, 2018.


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