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TREE Fund Liaisons provide a vital link to allied organizations in the fields of arboriculture and urban forestry – primarily local ISA Chapters. Liaisons are a critical communication conduit between TREE Fund and the industry organization they represent. Liaisons “friendraise” for TREE Fund by sharing TREE Fund news and research results with their organization, working a TREE Fund booth at their annual Chapter conference, encouraging their Chapter and its members to support TREE Fund, and connecting people in their circle of influence with TREE Fund and its activities.

Below are resources Liaisons can download and use to champion TREE Fund. The date listed is the date the resource was posted to this page. If you need something in a different format, please contact the Communications Coordinator.


TREE Fund Communication Pieces


Latest TREE Press Newsletter (March 2019) – PDF format, Word format

Research Results

Grant & Scholarship Awards

Tour des Trees

General Information about TREE Fund


Other Fundraising and Friendraising Tools


Liaison Information

Need funding?

Applications for the Hyland R. Johns and UARF Research Grants, Ohio Chapter ISA Education Grant, and all scholarships are open January 15 through March 15.

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