FAQs: Donating

How do I donate to the Tour des Trees?

Donate to your favorite rider or team by visiting the campaign website, or by sending a check to:

1755 Park Street, Suite 200
Naperville, IL 60563

  • On checks, please specify the rider or team you are supporting on the memo line.
  • The primary fundraising benefit of the Tour des Trees is to support current year payments on new grants and grants underway, and TREE Fund therefore respectfully requests that donors limit restrictions on their gifts made via Tour fundraising. Donors who still wish to support a TREE Fund endowment in lieu of current year payments on new grants and grants underway must specify that their donation is to be restricted to that fund at the time the donation is made, using the online “comments” option or the “memo” line of their check.
    • Neither TREE Fund nor Tour des Trees riders have the authority to restrict donations made by others.
    • Tour riders may not dictate that gifts they raise are to be restricted to a specific fund; only donors may do this.
    • Donations cannot be retroactively restricted to a specific fund, even by the donor.

Is my donation tax deductible and if so, when will I receive a tax receipt?

Cash donations to TREE Fund are tax deductible, subject to relevant State and Federal law. Online donors will receive a tax acknowledgement email immediately following submission of the donation. If you do not see your receipt, check your spam folder. Check donors will receive an acknowledgement letter after the check is received and cleared by TREE Fund.

Does TREE Fund accept matching gift donations and if so, how do I do that?

Yes, TREE Fund accepts matching gifts. Follow the process required by the company from which you are requesting the match. Typically, you access an online portal or obtain paper forms from your company’s Human Resources department or charitable giving office.

Note to Tour Riders: If you are using a matching gift to meet your fundraising minimum, TREE Fund must have the matching gift in hand by the September 1, 2024 deadline or it will NOT count towards your minimum.

Is TREE Fund a 501(c)3?

Yes, TREE Fund is a 501(c)3, with tax ID #37-1018692.