Research Report

Research Report is a flyer that provides a more in-depth introduction to our researchers and their work.

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Current Issue

December, 2019 “Tree Response to Removal Pruning Cuts on Branches that Lack Collars,” by Jake Miesbauer, Ph.D.

Past Issues

June, 2019 “Long-Term Impact of Container Size on Tree Establishment,” by Michael Arnold, Ph.D.
April, 2019  “A Site Index for Urban Trees,” by Bryant Scharenbroch, Ph.D.
December, 2018 “The Science of Tree Selection,” by Andrew D. Hirons, PhD
September, 2018 “Is That Tie-In Point Safe to Use?” by Brian Kane, PhD
June, 2018 “Trees and Nearby Nature for Health: What is the Economic Value?” by Kathleen Wolf, PhD