Tour des Trees Photos

Please credit Coleman Camp on all images used.

2019 Photo Gallery

2018 Photo Gallery

2017 Photo Gallery


Please credit R. Jeanette Martin on all 2013-2016 images used.

2016 Photo Gallery

2015 Photo Gallery

2014 Photo Gallery

2013 Photo Gallery

Search tip on the 2013-2016 galleries: The full album can be browsed chronologically or you can pull up specific images using key words. In the search bar, type 2016 TdT followed by a key word below.

Charlotte etc – places we went
action –  cycling action we saw
cycling – cyclists we met
PEP – professors we met
support – support crew who helped
dedication – all we are saying, is give trees a chance
presentation – presentations, dignitaries & speakers
sponsor – sponsor images
Kask – helmets everywhere
group – group images including team shots
Warren etc – look yourself up!