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Health Benefits of City Trees: Research Evidence & Economic Values

Dr. Kathleen Wolf, University of Washington

November 19, 2019

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An ever-growing, international body of research points to many human health and wellness benefits that result from nearby nature experiences. But what about trees? Two recent reviews have explored, first, the studies that focus on the urban forest and health response, and second, on the economics of human health effects. In this webinar Dr. Kathleen Wolf will share the highlights of both reviews.

Dr. Kathleen Wolf is a Research Social Scientist with the College of the Environment at the University of Washington (Seattle). Her research focus is the human dimensions of urban forestry and urban ecosystems, particularly human health. Another interest is the translation of scientific evidence for use in local government policy and planning. View her research at www.naturewithin.info; and the Green Cities: Good Health project at: www.greenhealth.washington.edu

We are grateful to Utah State University Forestry Extension for hosting this webinar.

The Landscape Architect in the Nursery: Tagging Trees and Enforcing Specifications

James Urban, Urban Trees + Soils, and Paul Josey, Wolf Josey Landscape Architects

September 10, 2019

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Tree defects such as co-dominant leaders, girdling roots and buried trunk flares, present at time of planting, cause failures and decline long after the warrantee period has expired.  Landscape architects may go to nurseries to tag trees; but often inspect only aesthetic qualities, while their planting specifications rely on ANSI Z60.1 for technical standards.  But the ANSI standard is guidance for industry definitions and measurements with few conditions about tree quality.  This webinar presented by James Urban, FASLA and Paul Josey, ASLA, introduced evidence-based specifications to set technical standards that support inspections and will guide landscape architects and arborists in inspecting the technical quality of B&B and container trees as well as discuss common problems and solutions above and below the ground line.

We are grateful to Utah State University Forestry Extension for hosting this webinar and to Virginia Chapter ASLA for their support and assistance.

Can We Vaccinate Trees to Protect Against Diseases?

Dr. Glynn Percival, Manager, UK and Ireland Bartlett Tree Research and Diagnostic Laboratory based at the University of Reading, UK

August 29, 2019

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Tree diseases are controlled primarily by spray applications of fungicides. Increased legislative restrictions regarding the use and application of fungicides stimulated by a greater environmental awareness means new techniques of disease control are required. Induced resistance (IR) is the phenomenon whereby a plant’s own defense mechanisms are switched on by treatment with either a biological or chemical agent. This webinar discusses the effectiveness of soil applied IR amendments (biochar, chitin, mulch) on enhancing tree resistance against a range of diseases frequently encountered in urban landscapes.

We are grateful to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Program for hosting this webinar

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Remediating Compacted Soils Compromised by Urban Construction

Dr. Nina Bassuk, Cornell University

June 11, 2019

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Links from Dr. Bassuk’s webinar:

Cornell Soil Health Testing website
Cornell Nutrient Analysis Lab (compost testing)
“Long-term remediation of compacted urban soils by physical fracturing and incorporation of compost,” by Miles Schwartz Sax, Nina Bassuk, Harold van Es and Don Rakow
Dr. Bassuk’s website

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We are grateful to Utah State University Forestry Extension for hosting this webinar

Cultivating Innovation – Documenting 15 years of TREE Fund Research Impact 

Dr. Andrew Koeser, University of Florida, and Dr. Richard Hauer, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

May 29, 2019

The Salt Dilemma: Growing Better Urban Trees in Northern Climates

James Urban, FASLA, Urban Trees + Soils; Andrew Millward, PhD, Ryerson University; Adam Nicklin, PUBLIC WORK – February 2019

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Reducing Tree (and Soil!) Damage during Construction

Dr. Nina Bassuk (Cornell University) – December 2018

Supporting Material:

Webinar presentation slides

Emerald Ash Borer: Strategies for Conserving Ash in the Urban Forest

Dr. Dan Herms (The Davey Tree Expert Company) – November 2018

Supporting Material:

Webinar presentation slides

Arboricultural Biomechanics

Dr. Brian Kane (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) – August 2018

Supporting Material:

Dr. Kane’s answers to questions posed during webinar

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Utility Arborist Research Fund: Work in Progress, Work to Come

J. Eric Smith, TREE Fund and Dr. Christopher Halle, Sonoma State University – May 2018

Supporting Materials:

Presentation was very large so has been uploaded in four parts:

Invasive Insects of Shade Trees: A 30 Year Perspective from Colorado

Dr. Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University – May 2018

Do Planting Stock Decisions Really Make Much Difference Down The Road?

Dr. Michael Arnold (Texas A&M University) – February 2018

Drought Tolerance in Trees – Improving Tree Selection for Challenging Urban Sites

Dr. Andrew Hirons (Myerscough College, U.K.) – November 2017

Tree Species Selection Guide (based on this research)

Municipal Forestry Baseline, Trends, and Dashboard

Dr. Richard Hauer (U. of Wisconsin – Stevens Point) – September 2017

Soil Profile Rebuilding: Rehabilitating Compacted Soils

Dr. Susan Day (Virginia Tech) – June 2017

Supporting Materials:

Tree Risk Assessment – Perceptions, Reality, and Reliability

Dr. Andew Koeser (U. of Florida) – April 2017

Scharenbroch Hyland Johns Grant 2014

Soil Compaction and Urban Trees: Strategies for Gaining Ground

Dr. Bryant Scharenbroch (U. of Wisconsin – Stevens Point) – November 2016

Supporting Materials:

An Approach to Pruning You Won’t Forget

Dr. Ed Gilman (U. of Florida) – May 2016

Nina Bassuk Photo

Strategies for Successful Urban Tree Growth in Wet and Dry Sites

Dr. Nina Bassuk (Cornell University) – Sept 2015

Emerald Cash Borer: It Will Cost You Money-Ways to Manage the Ash Cash Flow

Dr. Rich Hauer (U. of Wisconsin – Stevens Pt.) – April 2015