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December 2018
Featuring the research of Dr. Alessio Fini, “Research Results on Root Severance and Tree Health,” and TREE Fund 2018 webinar presenters, Mike Arnold, Nina Bassuk, Whitney Cranshaw, Christopher Halle, Dan Herms, and Brian Kane, in our Volunteer SpotlightNovember 2018
Featuring the Friends of the Urban Forest, San Francisco, CA “Green Teens Program Gives Hope to Urban Trees and Teens,” and Jacques Brunswick in our Volunteer SpotlightOctober 2018
Featuring the research of Dr. Haiying Liang, “Research Results on Developing Redbay Resistant to Laurel Wilt,” and Brandon Gallagher Watson in our Volunteer SpotlightSeptember 2018
Featuring the research of Dr. Gary Watson and Angela Hewitt, “Research Results on Establishment of Bare Root Transplants,” and Randy Miller and Geoff Kempterin our Volunteer SpotlightAugust 2018
Featuring TREE Fund Special Announcements – Davey Tree Establishes Educational Endowment at TREE Fund and TREE Fund Empowers Ongoing Work at Historic “Bramble and Byrnes” Research Site and Thom Kraak, 2018 Ken Ottman Volunteer Award WinnerJuly 2018
Featuring TREE Fund’s Spring 2018 Grant Awards and Ken Ottman, Dick Rideout and Nathan Schuettpelz in our Volunteer SpotlightJune 2018
Featuring the research of Dr. Denise Johnstone, “Research Results on Measuring Tree Vitality,” and Paul Fletcher in our Volunteer SpotlightMay 2018
Featuring the research of Dr. Michael Arnold, “Research Results on Container Size and Tree Establishment,” and Laurie Skul in our Volunteer SpotlightApril 2018
Featuring the research of Dr. Manuela Baietto and Dr. Daniele Bassi, “Research Results on Biostimulants and Transplanting Success,” and Ohio DNR Department of Forestry in our Volunteer SpotlightMarch 2018
Featuring the research of Dr. Camilo Ordóñez and Dr. Andrew Millward, “Research Results on Tree Survival in Structural Soil Cells,” and Peter Sortwell in our Volunteer Spotlight