FAQs: Fundraising

2018 Fundraising Minimums

  • Ride 7 days (full Tour): $3,500
  • Ride 6 days: $3,100
  • Ride 5 days: $2,700
  • Ride 4 days: $2,300
  • Ride 3 days: $1,900
  • Ride 2 days: $1,500
  • Ride 1 day: $800

2018 Fundraising Deadlines

  • Riders’ fundraising minimums are due July 23, 2018. Those with a fundraising shortfall will have the credit card they used at registration charged for the amount of the shortfall on July 24, 2018.
  • Chapter donations to teams/riders are due to TREE Fund by July 17, 2018.
  • Team captains should inform TREE Fund as to how team funds should be distributed by July 19, 2018.

Fundraising and Donation Policies

  • Donations are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • Donors wishing to support a TREE Fund Endowment fund must specify that their donation is to be restricted to that fund at the time the donation is made, using the online “comments” option or the “memo” line of their check.
    • Neither TREE Fund nor its fundraisers has the authority to restrict donations made by others.
    • Donations cannot be retroactively restricted to a specific fund, even by the donor.
  • Teams are encouraged to fundraise collectively (e.g. at Chapter events or through e-blasts soliciting donations to the team). Funds raised collectively will be posted to the team page. The team captain should notify TREE Fund by the deadline as to how team funds are to be distributed among team members.
  • Only funds designated as team donations may be available for distribution among team members who fall short of their individual fundraising minimums. Check with your Team Captain for your Chapter’s policy.
  • Only funds posted to individual fundraisers’ pages will count toward any individual fundraising promotion.
  • Matching gifts count towards an individual fundraisers’ minimum only if TREE Fund has the matching gift in hand by the fundraising minimum deadline (July 23, 2018).
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