FAQs: Registration

How do I register for Tour des Trees? (continued below)

  1. Complete the online registration form.
  2. Set up your fundraising page.
  3. Order your Tour des Trees jerseys using the same email address you used to register for the Tour. You will receive an email with instructions on how to order your jerseys within 7-10 days of your registration.

*Please note that we are asking that all our riders receive their vaccinations for COVID-19 in line with CDC recommendations for the safety and well-being of other riders and the people we interact with during the event.


What are Registration Costs and Fundraising Minimums?

Tour Riders: $100 registration fee (added registration fees if you request a single hotel room)

  • $3,700 fundraising minimum for full-time (five day) riders
  • $3,100 for four day riders
  • $2,500 for three day riders
  • $1,900 for two day riders
  • $1,300 for one day riders
  • 350/350 Challenge participants: No fundraising minimum.

Fundraising minimums must be met by October 2, 2023. (Fundraising site will remain open until October 18, 2023, but rider minimums will be due by October 2.)

In the event that the in-person ride is canceled, all riders will be switched to the virtual event and fundraising minimums will be eliminated.


Volunteers: No registration fee for approved volunteers

  • No set fundraising requirement, though volunteers are encouraged to fundraise

TdT 350/350 Challenge (Virtual) Riders: No registration fee for virtual riders

  • TdT 350/350 Challenge participants can register on the 350/350 Challenge Registration site.
  • There is no set fundraising minimum requirement to participate, but you must raise at least $350 and ride at least 350 miles by August 30 in order to receive your cycling shirt. You can create a fundraising page at www.tourdestrees.com.


What is included with rider registration?


  • Double-occupancy hotel accommodations.
  • Single rooms are available for an additional fee.
  • Full-Tour accommodations are for arrival on Tuesday, September 26 through the evening of Sunday, October 1, with a closing breakfast and departure the following morning; space and support will be available at the host hotel for packing and shipping bicycles through our departure time listed on the agenda on Monday, October 2.


  • Full-Tour riders – Six breakfasts (Wednesday thru Monday), five lunches (Wednesday thru Sunday), five dinners (Tuesday thru Sunday) with one night to be scheduled for “dinner on your own”.
  • Partial-Tour riders – Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day you ride, unless you ride the “dinner on your own” day.
  • Snacks, water and other hydration drinks during each day’s ride, dispensed at rest stops.


Riding Support

  • Comprehensive route maps and notes (electronic and hard copies, if needed)
  • Full SAG support
  • Luggage transfer between overnight stops
  • Professional mechanical support



  • Official Tour jersey: Three to five-day riders receive two jersey credits; one and two-day riders receive one. You must place your jersey order by August 6, 2023. Please wear your official Tour jersey on the road as often as you are able, most especially at starting and ending event days, and on defined days with key community engagement events.
  • One Tour des Trees tee shirt
  • Two Tour des Trees water bottles
  • One Tour des Trees cap (by request)
  • One KASK cycling helmet for full-Tour riders (Partial-Tour riders who raise $2,000 or more will receive a cycling helmet, subject to availability).


Is rider registration limited?

Yes. 2023 registration is capped at 85 full-time riders or 110 total riders, whichever comes first. Registration will close at that time. If we reach that level before the scheduled registration closure date (July 31), we will establish a waiting list. As registered riders let us know that they are unable to participate, we will move people from the waiting list to the active team. Once a rider is moved to the active team, full fundraising responsibilities and expectations will be required by the scheduled deadlines, even though such riders may have a shorter period of time to complete their fundraising. We apologize for this possible inconvenience, but we must maintain our road safety standards in terms of support vehicle to rider ratios, and we must operate within the accommodations available to us on a Tour that is largely hosted in smaller cities or rural locations with limited facilities.

What are the deadlines?

Registration deadline: July 31

Voler jersey order due: August 6

Drop out date: May 31

Fundraising money completion date: October 2

Fundraising campaign ends: October 18


What if my plans change and I can’t participate?

Notify TREE Fund immediately. Your registration fee and all donations to your campaign are non-refundable. If you notify us before May 31 that you cannot participate, your fundraising minimums will be eliminated. If you notify us after May 31 that you cannot participate, your fundraising minimum will be half of your original minimum.


How do I register for Tour des Trees? (continued)

There are three steps to register: 1) registration form with payment 2) setting up your fundraising page and 3) order your Tour des Trees jerseys:

  1. Go to the registration page.
  2. Click the button to register.
  3. Put a “1” in the “Rider” row that has the number of days you want to ride and the type of room you want (double or single). Double rooms are included with registration; single rooms are $100 extra per night.
  4. Scroll down and complete the rest of the form, sign the waiver, and make your payment.
  5. When you hit “Submit,” you will get an on-screen message verifying your registration. Soon afterwards, you will get an email at the email address you used to register with instructions on how to set up your fundraising page. (If you don’t see this email, check your spam folder).
  6. Follow the email’s instructions to go to the Tour des Trees Fundraising Site, click FUNDRAISE at the top and either enter your information, using you current JustGiving account or creating a JustGiving account. Follow the prompts to create your page and enter in your fundraising and distance goals.
  7. Enter in information about yourself and why you are riding this year. If you come back to your fundraising page at a different time to make updates, there is an EDIT PAGE on the bottom left.
  8. Signing-in to your page also allows you to post updates and share links to your fundraising page to help you spread the word.
  9. If you are a part of a chapter or team, be sure to add yourself to that team so that it can get credit as well. You can do so by searching for a team to join after you’ve registered and created your personal fundraising page. You can also join a team at any time from the edit options you have access to on your fundraising page when logged in to JustGiving. You may “Create a New Team” if you wish, but by doing so, you automatically become the team captain with additional responsibilities. If you want to be part of a team that’s not listed, please contact Jonathan before establishing that team.
  10. You can post an update to your fundraising page at any time. You can log rides by connecting your Strava account or using the manual activity tracker on your fundraising page, so as you train for the ride, post those workouts to show your supporters how you’re working towards your goal! Contact Jonathan if you need help connecting to Strava and logging your activity.
  11. Visit the Voler website store to order your Tour jerseys using the credit assigned to the email address you used during registration. The credit will become available within 7-10 days of you register and you will receive an email with additional details. Contact Jonathan with questions.



Contact Jonathan Cain.