Watch webinar: Strategies for Successful Urban Tree Growth in Wet and Dry Sites

Missed our September 23 webinar on growing trees in extreme conditions? You can watch it here:

“Strategies for Successful Urban Tree Growth in Wet and Dry Sites”

Droughts, flooding, extreme temperatures – today’s variable weather patterns can leave urban foresters with soils that are too wet or too dry, making it more challenging than ever to grow strong, healthy trees. What can you do to increase your odds for success? In this webinar, “Strategies for Successful Urban Tree Growth in Wet and Dry Sites,” Dr. Nina Bassuk (Cornell University) will teach you the secrets of science-based soil modification strategies to increase a tree’s ability to access water. You’ll also discover plant selection resources and expand your palette of plant choices for challenging conditions.

Dr. Bassuk has received multiple Hyland R. Johns grants and John Z. Duling grants from the TREE Fund for research on topics such as techniques to remediate compacted soil and ground penetrating radar’s role in saving tree roots during urban expansion. Read about her research here.

Special thanks to Dr. Nina Bassuk, Dr. Hallie Dozier, Utah State University Forestry Extension, Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State LandsBartlett Tree Experts and The Davey Tree Expert Company for making this program possible.