ISA Chapters raise over $500,000 for the TREE Fund in 2015

Congratulations to the regional chapters of ISA, led by the TREE Fund Liaisons and STIHL Tour des Trees fundraisers, for raising an impressive $547,212 for the TREE Fund in 2015!

The TREE Fund recognizes ISA Chapter support with Platinum, Gold or Bronze achievement awards from a friendly fundraising competition known as Chapter Challenge. Each ISA Chapter sets a Chapter Challenge goal, which is also used as an important budgeting tool for the TREE Fund. Chapter Challenge achievement levels are based on a Chapter’s history of support during the previous five years. The highest and lowest years’ results are dropped, and each Chapter’s achievement levels are based upon the average of its contributions in the remaining three years.

  • Bronze: meets average achievement
  • Gold: exceeds average achievement by 10%
  • Platinum: exceeds average achievement by 25%

Chapters that achieve a given level are honored with a virtual plaque they can display proudly on their chapter website, along with full bragging rights!

In 2015, congratulations go to Florida, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Penn-Del and Southern for attaining Platinum level. Ohio Chapter ISA was the top fundraising chapter of the year, bringing in $103,104 – almost twice as much as the runner-up! This remarkable accomplishment was driven by the STIHL Tour des Trees recruiting and fundraising juggernaut Team Ohio (i.e., cyclists riding for Ohio). Kudos to Minnesota and Utah for realizing Gold status in 2015, and to New Jersey for achieving Bronze. Also of note are the four chapters that deftly raised more money for the TREE Fund in 2015 than in 2014: Kentucky, Ontario, Texas and Mid-Atlantic.

We are very grateful for all these hard-working, dedicated volunteers and their chapters for such strong support of our mission – thank you!
Note: Chapter Challenge totals include all revenue raised by the chapter for the TREE Fund, with the exception of in-kind donations & in-kind corporate partnerships.