Hyland R. Johns and Arboriculture Education Grants Announced – Fall 2011 TREE Fund Report

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The TREE Fund Board of Trustees recently awarded Hyland R. Johns Research Grants to Dr. Michael Arnold, Professor of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University and Dr. Edward Gilman, Professor of Urban Trees & Landscape Plants at the University of Florida.

Michael Arnold, PhD
Dr. Arnold’s research project seeks to answer the debate over the merits of planting larger versus smaller size container nursery stock by standardizing the genetic component of container-grown trees, thereby minimizing the variation in nursery production factors. The results will allow for the development of a predictive regression equation, permitting an estimation of time required for initial landscape establishment.
Ed Gilman, PhD


Dr. Gilman is investigating the long-term mechanical impact of reduction cuts on tree strength and structure, as well as patterns of failure of sprouts growing from heading cuts. His findings will support development of more accurate tree risk assessment criteria and provide guidance for restoration of storm-damaged and inappropriately pruned trees.
The Research and Education Committee also awarded an Arboriculture Education Grant to San Joachin (CA) County’s Outdoor School Science Program for the purchase of updated educational materials and scientific equipment to support its Outdoor Education curriculum. The program provides hands-on environmental education experiences to 5th and 6th graders from California’s Central Valley. 140 students attend each week-long session, and 33 sessions are offered this year. Tree identification and measurement techniques are among the many skills students take home from their week of “Science Camp”. The program seeks to connect kids with nature and foster a sense of community and environmental stewardship.  

Checking the pulse of a  Eucalyptus tree at
“Science Camp”










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