ISA Chapters Support a Record-Breaking Year for the TREE Fund: Winter 2012

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The regional Chapters of ISA powered the TREE Fund to a record-breaking fundraising finish in 2011. Spurred by a creative and motivated group of TREE Fund Liaisons and STIHL Tour des Trees fundraisers, 21 ISA chapters raised $459,789 for the TREE Fund last year, an increase of $42,418 over 2010’s total and $115,402 more than the amount raised in 2009.

With an unprecedented $500,000 in STIHL Tour des Trees revenues in sight, and motivated perhaps by a little friendly competition among Liaisons (and Trustees), the TREE Fund’s first string finished the year with flying colors. Again.

“The only appropriate response to an achievement like this is ‘Bravo!’ and ‘Thank you,’” said TREE Fund President/CEO Janet Bornancin. “Raising money in this economy takes creativity, determination and heart. Our Chapter Liaisons are passionate about the work that we do, and they’re determined to give us the resources to get it done. It’s a powerhouse group.”

Chapter support of the TREE Fund is recognized with inclusion on Platinum, Gold and Bronze Chapter Challenge plaques. Nine chapters attained Platinum status in 2011 with a contribution equivalent to $40 per registered ISA member. Five chapters achieved Gold status, equal to $30 per member and two others came in at Bronze, equal to $20 per member.

Platinum achievers in 2011 include Indiana, Kentucky, Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin and Ontario. Repeat Platinum performers from 2010 include Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. Indiana, New Jersey, Utah and Wisconsin scored a Platinum “three-peat,” and several chapters posted significant gains over previous year’s efforts. Utah topped its 2010 total by $8,280, Mid-Atlantic added more than $20,000 to its 2010 effort, and Ohio raised $55,833 in 2011, nearly triple the amount raised by the Buckeye Chapter in 2010.

The Florida Chapter exceeded its goal by more than $10,000 to join Illinois, New England, Penn-Del and Rocky Mountain Chapters at the Gold level. The Midwestern and Western Chapters attained Bronze status in 2011, with Western Chapter again raising th highest dollar amount at $58,825.

All Chapter Challenge achievers are recognized with a virtual plaque which can be posted on chapter websites and, most importantly, bragging rights. The bar has been set for 2012, with 11 chapters already committing to meet or exceed their 2011 contribution level. Let the Challenge begin!

Top Five Contributors for 2011:

Chapter                     # Members   Liaison                      Total Raised

Western                    2145               Helen Stone             $58,825.37

Ohio                           518                 Beth Buchanan      $55,833.00

Mid-Atlantic              759                 Tom Armstrong      $47,436.00

Wisconsin                304                 Laura Wyatt             $39,126.00

Illinois                        773                 Mark Younger         $26,643.59

Chapter Challenge totals include chapter sponsorships of TREE Fund special events, funds raised by Tour riders, auction proceeds from items donated by chapters, proceeds from chapter fundraising events and individual and corporate donations to the TREE Fund obtained through the efforts of the chapter.

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