Hyland Johns Grant Awarded for Soil Application Research Project: Summer 2012

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Dr. Yvonne Boldt


The TREE Fund recently awarded a Hyland R. Johns Research Grant of $24,622 to Dr. Yvonne Boldt of Providence Academy, Plymouth, MN, for her Maple Tree Soil Application Research Project.


Dr. Boldt’s project will study the impact of fertilizer and organic amendments on tree growth and health and on the biological community of microorganisms which coexists with trees in an urban soil ecosystem. The project utilizes 54 Autumn Blaze maple trees planted on Providence Academy’s property in Plymouth, MN. Data was collected in 2010 and 2011 detailing tree growth and health, and soil samples were collected to support a metagenomics (DNA-based) analysis of microorganisms, especially bacteria and fungi, present in the soil. From this data she proposes to determine which type of application – compost, wood mulch, or fertilizer – most positively enhances tree growth and health, and the health of the soil ecosystem as a whole. These results will form a basis for the arboricultural industry to make better decisions regarding the use of soil amendments in promoting tree growth and health in urban environments.