Turning Donations into Knowledge

The TREE Fund is pleased to announce that in 2012 we awarded eighteen grants and scholarships to further arboriculture research and education:

1  Hyland R. Johns Research Grant—for research that directly affects industry professionals’ work

5  John Z. Duling Grants—“seed funding” for new, innovative research

2  Jack Kimmel International Grants—for arboriculture research projects worldwide

1  Utility Arborist Research Grant—for  research into issues affecting utility arboriculture and right-of-way management

1  Safe Arborist Techniques Grant—for research into tree dynamics, hazard identification, risk management and improvements in equipment and techniques for the practicing arborist

2  Robert Felix Memorial Scholarships—for college students studying arboriculture or  urban forestry

1  John Wright Memorial Scholarship—for high school seniors and returning college students pursuing careers related to arboriculture

1  Ohio Chapter ISA Education Grant—for arboricultural education programs/projects within the State of Ohio

3  Arboriculture Education Grants—to support the development of arboriculture educational programs and materials for K-12 students

1  Sponsorship of an industry-wide research symposium at the Morton Arboretum


A sincere thank you to all our donors without whom these awards would not be possible!


2013 applications are now available online for the Hyland R. Johns Research Grants, Ohio Chapter ISA Education Grants, TREE Fund Arboriculture Education Grants, and Robert Felix Memorial Scholarships; these are due April 1. Applications for the 2013 John Wright Memorial Scholarships are open and due by May 15.