Tree Education for Schools Project

2012 | Environmental Conservation Effort This program targets children who are often times left out in development programs and addresses issues that affect their future and well-being. It also targets schools communities because these are well organized and can multiply the effects of the work to numerous communities.

Climate change is a reality in our country [of Uganda]; many of our indigenous trees have disappeared, a majority of which are not known by most children. Children in urban schools grow up in these areas/towns without knowledge about local/indigenous trees. Trees in Jinja Town, especially indigenous ones, have been cut down. There is no way we can promote their growth without teaching the children what they look like, what their uses are and how best they can care for them. Educating them to acquire this knowledge is very important for it will go a long way in conserving our trees.

Children will be aware of indigenous trees and those suitable for urban areas. They will also get skills in tree identification, propagation and management. Indigenous knowledge shall be improved and acquired by most of the children. Trees, mostly indigenous ones, with numerous values whose species have become threatened shall be rejuvenated. Above all there shall be environmental conservation and biodiversity conservation.