There’s a place for you in the 2015 STIHL Tour des Trees!

One of the perks of riding the STIHL Tour des Trees is the chance to see a part of the country you may have previously visited from a new perspective. Cycling slows down the pace of sightseeing and removes the barriers between the traveler and the countryside. Details easily missed at 65 mph (flora, fauna, ice cream shops) come into sharper focus, especially when shared with friends traveling at the same pace in support of a common cause.

The 2015 STIHL Tour des Trees, traveling from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale October 25-31, will give its riders a “behind the scenes” perspective of some of America’s most popular tourist destinations, including a backstage tour of Walt Disney World’s horticulture operations and a VIP tour of Miami’s famed Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.  In between are 561 miles of beautiful beaches, unique ecosystems and daily opportunities to explore and enjoy America’s Sunshine State.

The Florida Tour has set its fundraising goal at $625,000, and registration is filling quickly with long-time veterans of the ride (now in its 24th year) and new recruits inspired by the Tour’s unique mix of endurance, environmental advocacy and adventure. This year’s riders can look forward to educational programs for local kids featuring Professor Elwood Pricklethorn, locally-hosted tree planting events featuring the Tour’s signature ‘blessing’ (“Grow, tree, GROW!!”) plus extra-curricular activities that range from the intellectual (a research update/book signing by Dr. Ed Gilman) to the opposite (beach cruisers and cannonball contests).  It’s a cycling vacation, a reunion, an education and a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world. PLUS this year’s ride comes with shorter-mileage options for those who would prefer a massage and a beachfront libation over a “personal best” on their odometer. Register now to get your name on the 2015 roster!

The STIHL Tour des Trees also is a unique opportunity to put professional arboriculture in the spotlight for a week. Tour events feature a unique mix of trees, kids, bikes and otherwise-ordinary people doing extraordinary things for a week. It makes for compelling media. This year’s Tour was featured in February 3’s New York Times!  Learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the 2015 Tour, then contact Mary DiCarlo to join our sponsorship team.