TdT 2022 Write Up

Thank you to all of our 2022 Tour des Trees riders, supporters, and donors!

We had a great ride and a great year. 

Fundraising for the 2022 Tour des Trees concluded in September and we are very thankful for those who contributed to this year’s campaign. This year’s ride was a great success for our seventy riders who spent six beautiful and welcoming days riding through Iowa and Nebraska.  We were happy to have over 20 virtual participants join us to support our mission! The 2022 event managed to raise $277, 084 in support of the TREE Fund!

We would not have been able to put this event together without the support of the TREE Fund’s Partners and we would especially like to recognize our Crown and Platinum Partners; Asplundh, Bartlett Tree Experts, Corteva, The Davey Tree Expert Company, International Society of Arboriculture, ACRT, the Arbor Day Foundation, FirstEnergy, PECO, and Wright Tree Service. We would also like to give a special mention to the following groups for their support at this year’s ride: Vermeer, Arborjet, Iowa Arborist Association, Indiana ISA, Ford, and KASK.

The planning of an event like this is typically a year long process and our planning committee took multiple hours out of their already busy schedules to help put this year’s event together and make it the best it could be. We’d like to thank the following individuals from that committee for their time and hard work: Steve Geist, Thom Kraak, Ben Rickenbacker, Donna Davis, Don Roppolo, Cindy Schwab, Laurie Skul, Tom Wolf, Peter Andre, Terry McGonegle, Jeff Iles, Sam VanMaanen, Pete Smith, Emma Hanigan, Mike Cimprich, and Shane McQuillian. We would also like to thank our great Tour Manager, Paul Wood, for creating a beautiful and safe route.

Of course, there is also a little friendly competition that goes on during the ride and we would like to recognize our top fundraisers and cycling distance leaders:

Fundraising Top 10
Pete Smith- $13,850
Paul Sellers- $13,223
Steve Geist- $9,525
Clement Desjardins- $9,150
Randy Miller- $8,625
August Hoppe- $8,538
Phil Svoboda- $5,941
Geoff Kempter- $5,786
Tammy Kovar- $5,600
Dick Rideout- $5,500

Virtual Fundraising Top 7
Derrick Wells- $4,700
Ray Henning- $3,245
Jeremy Baker- $2,850
Gordon Matassa- $1,700
David Gorden- $1,325
Lucy Dinsmore- $1,250
Donna Davis- $500

Fundraising Top 10 Teams
Team CNUC- $26,540
Wisconsin Team- $24,023
Arbor Day Team- $20,151
ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter- $18,839
New England Team- $16,058
Southern Team- $10,800
Ohio Team- $9,800
Michigan Team- $8,520
Illinois Team- $7,750
Indiana Team- $6,900

Distance Top 10
Phil Graham- 4,632 miles
Dick Rideout- 4,171 miles
Doreen Crenshaw- 4,125 miles
Jeffrey Carney- 3,822 miles
August Hoppe- 3,042 miles
Randy Miller- 2,856 miles
Kathy Gilmour- 2,599 miles
David Walker- 2,441 miles
Nibo Urzua- 2,354 miles
Danny Lippi- 2,281 miles

Distance top 5 Teams
Wisconsin Team- 7445 miles
New England Team- 5,206 miles
Team CNUC- 5,008 miles
Indiana Team- 4,783 miles
Women Represent- 3,437 miles


We are now looking ahead to 2023 to the Tour des Trees in Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada! Keep an eye out for announcements regarding dates and locations soon. Hope to see you there and thank you again for your support of the TREE Fund!