Unrestricted Gifts for Indirect Costs of Grants

Partnerships and restricted endowment gifts provide the financial cornerstones for community engagement events and grant awards, the two most publicly visible components of TREE Fund’s annual activities. Grant awards and events only take place a few times per year, while TREE Fund staff members, contractors, and consultants work behind-the-scenes throughout the year to ensure those public activities are successful.  This is the infrastructure that makes the grants possible, and an indirect cost of the grants.

Unrestricted gifts support the indirect costs of our grants, including:  meeting year-round needs of the organization; and allowing management to embrace opportunities, address challenges, respond to areas of greatest need, and formulate plans from a position of financial security. These funds are often the most difficult ones to secure simply because they do not have the public “pop” that partnerships and endowment gifts have, though their collective effect is immense and important.  In fact, it’s vital.  Without these gifts, the grants could not exist.

Individuals and businesses alike can make unrestricted gifts, knowing with confidence that such support defrays the indirect expenses underpinning our programs and grants, thereby increasing the percentage of our funds raised by events and partnerships that can be applied to our mission. Every dollar counts and gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated.

Make your unrestricted gift to TREE Fund by choosing “General Operating Fund” on our online donation page.

TREE Fund’s EIN (tax ID number) is 37-1018692.

Thank You for Your Support!