Setting Young People Up for a Future in Arboriculture

2018 | Kent Roosevelt High School Forestry and Landscape Management Program

The Forestry and Landscape Management Program has been in existence for over 20 years and our equipment has experienced wear and tear. Although some equipment has been replaced throughout the years, tree work is hard on equipment. It is important that tree gear be frequently replaced to remain safe requiring a great deal of expense. Climbing technology has changed considerably over 20 years. Ascenders, carabiners, lanyard systems and assisting pulleys are now part of a rope and harness system. It is important that the graduating students have a working knowledge of the advances in arboriculture specific to climbing. The cuts in public schools systems have made covering expenses more difficult. School budgets are tight and program budgets
have not increased at the same rate as inflation. In spite of this we have managed to do more with less and have created a reputation for helping high school students realize a productive place in the tree care industry. Many local employers have become accustomed to recruiting from our program annually. Many students have realized the benefits of further education by attending colleges such as OSU-ATI, Kent State University, Cuyahoga Community College, and schools as far as the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point to study arboriculture before entering the industry. This grant application is written for the help in purchasing updated climbing gear. This gear would allow for the continued and more efficient ability to work in the community to earn funds and practice the valuable skills learned in the arboriculture field.