Summer 2011 TREE Fund Report: Heritage Oak Society Spotlight: Tom Prosser


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TREE Fund trustee Tom Prosser launched his arboriculture career at the age of 16 when the elm trees in his hometown were threatened by Dutch elm disease. Working out of his garage, Prosser’s newly minted Rainbow Elm Care embarked on a campaign to help save the Twin Cities’ elms, and Prosser’s career as an arborist and entrepreneur was launched.

By the early 80’s the company was operating under the banner of Rainbow Treecare and treating 1000 trees per year for a variety of ailments. Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancementsdebuted in 1998, focusing specifically on research, disease protocol development and education of other arborists to improve the science and business of arboriculture. Prosser believes wholeheartedly in the importance of research to the future of arboriculture. “Research is the only way that we advance the science of tree care,” he said. “It has to remain a priority for the industry.”

That passion to push the arboriculture industry forward has been the driving force behind Prosser’s career. Recently, it also motivated him to support the future of tree care with a legacy gift to the TREE Fund, adding membership in the TREE Fund’s Heritage Oak Society to his already-lengthy list of credentials.

With 7 children and nearly as many businesses to his credit, Prosser understands the importance of vision and the necessity of planning for the future. His fellow Heritage Oak Society members share Prosser’s vision for the future of tree care and his willingness to act to bring it to fruition. They know that research is the engine that drives progress in the arboriculture industry, and that research cannot happen without funding.

To learn more about estate planning, legacy giving and the Heritage Oak Society contact TREE Fund Executive Director Janet Bornancin at 630-369-8300.

Leaving a Legacy 101:
Life insurance policies are well suited to legacy giving, allowing the donor to make a more substantial contribution than might be possible with a cash gift. Consider transferring a paid-up policy to the TREE Fund, or designating the TREE Fund as a beneficiary. Your gift can be directed to a specific fund or applied where the need is greatest. For more information contact your insurance agent or TREE Fund Executive Director Janet Bornancin.Life is an echo — what you send out comes back.- Unknown 

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