Summer 2011 TREE Fund Report: 2011 Funding Awards Announced


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The TREE Fund is pleased to announce its 2011 Grant and Scholarship Winners:


Robert Felix Memorial Scholarship ($3,000):

  • Jessica Briscoe (Brigham Young University)
  • Cory Lester (Amherst/Stockbridge School of Agriculture)

Application deadline for Robert Felix Memorial Scholarships is April 1 at

John Wright Scholarship ($2,000):

  • Andrew Thew (Washington State University)

Application deadline for John Wright Scholarships is May 15 at


John Z. Duling Research Grants:

Dr. Edward Gilman
Dr. Edward Gilman of the University of Florida received $10,000 to support his study of “The effect of container size on tree establishment and anchorage.”
Dr. Richard Hauer
Dr. Richard Hauer of the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point also received $10,000 in funding for his project entitled “Economics and emerald ash borer management: a comparison of doing nothing, preemptive removal, replacement and treatment in the urban forest

Application deadline for 2012 John Z. Duling Grants is Nov. 1 at

Application deadline for 2012 Jack Kimmel International Grants is Nov. 1 at

Hyland R. Johns Research Grants:

  • Ed Gilman (University of Florida) $25,000 for his study into “Failure potential of limbs receiving reduction of heading cuts, and of resulting sprouts, in directional, structural, or restoration pruning”
  • Michael Arnold (Texas A&M University): $24,790 to investigate “Does size really matter with container-grown trees?”

Application deadline for Hyland R. Johns Research Grants is April 1 at


Arboriculture Education Grant:

  • The San Joaquin Outdoor Education Program: $3,429.54 to expand the Arboriculture Education component of this weeklong residential environmental education program serving 5th and 6th graders from California’s San Joaquin County.

Application deadline for Arboriculture Education Grants is April 1 at

The TREE Fund recently awarded $2,500 to support a symposium on Urban Tree Growth and Longevityto be held at The Morton Arboretum September 12-13, 2011. The symposium, hosted by the ISA Urban Tree Growth and Longevity Working Group and The Morton Arboretum, seeks to establish baseline data, prioritize research and education topics in this area, and outline a course of action for future research and outreach. A dozen internationally recognized researchers are expected to attend along with a sizable local audience.


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