Cleveland Neighborhood Tree Walks

2019 | Holden Forests & Gardens (Kirtland, OH)

Cleveland Neighborhood Tree Walks will engage underserved communities in the growth, care, and enjoyment of Cleveland’s most beautiful and beneficial asset: Trees. Cleveland’s canopy cover is estimated at only 19%, one quarter of what is possible, and each year by an estimated 97 acres of tree canopy is lost due to poor planning, deferred maintenance, outdated ordinances, pests and diseases, lack of protection policies, and education. A neighborhood tree walk addresses these concerns by providing a unique way for the public to engage with the urban forest, foster community pride, and open dialogue about urban tree care issues. These walks will provide needed resources that empower residents to make educated decisions regarding tree selection and care.

A Tree Walk provides an experiential opportunity to observe, appreciate, and learn about community trees. An arborist will guide participants through a pre-determined route, highlighting select trees and inviting hands-on participation. Participants will benefit from in-depth information, fun facts, and tips about caring for trees and selecting tree species. Each distinct Tree Walk will focus on ~20 trees and be launched from Ohio City’s

Carnegie West Library. Tree Walks will engage residents with the opportunity to meet and build relationships with each other and their neighborhood through shared interest in the urban canopy.

Tree ID keys, descriptive maps for self-led walks, and interactive displays inside libraries will complement Tree Walks and be available to residents. This project provides an eye-opening opportunity for residents to experience community trees and their role in creating healthy, vibrant communities.

Year: 2019

Funding Duration: 1 year

Grant Program: Ohio Chapter ISA Education Grant

Grant Title: Cleveland Neighborhood Tree Walks

Researcher: Holden Forests and Gardens

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