Hyland R. Johns Grant Program: Application Period Open

Established in 1995 to honor one of the leaders in the arboriculture industry and a founder of the ISA Research Trust, the Hyland R. Johns Grant Program funds longer term research and technology transfer projects that have the potential of benefiting the everyday work of arborists. Projects are expected to be completed within three to five years, with a maximum award value of $25,000. No project may receive more than one award from this program.
In 2021, the TREE Fund’s Hyland Johns Grant program will be focused specifically on tree health in urban sites. For example:
  • pest and pathogen biology and management;
  • selection, evaluation, or breeding of pest or pathogen resistant trees;
  • improved technology for delivery of therapeutic chemicals into or onto trees;
  • assessment and mitigation of damage to trees from noxious chemicals;
  • effects of arboricultural practices such as transplanting, pruning and fertilization on incidence of specific pests or pathogens.
This list is by no means inclusive, and we will consider proposals that may address many other topics related to tree health maintenance.
The TREE Fund welcomes research proposals and applications from a wide range of academic and technical disciplines, of both a qualitative and a quantitative nature.
The TREE Fund does not fund the following:
  • grants to individuals;
  • projects that are primarily municipal tree surveys or assessments;
  • tree planting programs;
  • studies of individual tree species for the primary purpose of agricultural or timber/forest planting yield; or
  • commercial tree- or soil-related product testing primarily for the benefit of the company that manufactures the product.
The TREE Fund will accept completed applications only between Jan. 15 and March 15, 2021. To apply, send an email containing a brief letter of inquiry (LOI) of no more than 100 words describing your project title and concept to treefund@treefund.org before March 1. Your LOI must clearly identify the principal investigator and institution contracted for the work should your application be approved.
The TREE Fund will evaluate whether your LOI concept meets all of our application criteria and is deemed to have a reasonable possibility of success given this year’s research priorities. If your LOI is approved, the TREE Fund will send you a numbered application form for your use. You may not apply without that numbered application form.
For more information about this grant and how to apply, please visit our website here.