In Memoriam: Summer 2012

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Doug-Wade-Tree-FundThe TREE Fund mourns the passing of Doug Wade, Business Developer with Davey Resource Group, who passed away June 24th. Doug was an ISA Certified Arborist, a Certified Utility Specialist, and an active member of the International Society of Arboriculture and the New York State Arborist Association.  Doug committed more than ten years to support the Tour des Trees, riding with the Tour from Stowe, Vermont to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1994 and from Ottawa to Montreal in 2003 with his daughter, Jessica. He also served as a volunteer with the Tour support crew for many years.

Doug is survived by his wife Inga, daughter Jessica, son Aaron, brother Phillip and mother. A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, June 30 at The White Funeral Home, Scotia, NY.


We’d like to extend our thanks to these generous donors who made a contribution to the TREE Fund in memory of:

  • Jack Kopas
Carmel Balz 

Amy J. Batsch

H. Bruce Bruen

John A. Dove

Carolyn S. Emerson

Danielle Z. Fredrickson

Cara L. Gilligan

Patricia K. Karolchyk

Albert W. Lewis

Joan Mastro

Christine A. Priest

Mary J. Riley

Joan Schaub

Elizabeth A. Suk

Karen E. Thomlinson

John R. Woytas

Shumeet Banerji 

Brooklawn Middle School Sunshine Club

Beverly S. Daly

Carolyn J. Dubee

Roberta S. Foster

Joan L. Gancarcik

Carole A. Harvey

John A. Krizel

Dawn M. Masterson

New Jersey Arborists

Joel V. Riggs

Elizabeth Rodemann

Mary Ann C. Stein

Tamke Tree Experts

Donna L. Weber


  • Dorothy LaMay

L.I. Arboricultural Association


  • Frank Desensi

L.I. Arboricultural Association


  • Jimmy Bissett

L.I. Arboricultural Association


  • Leslie Tomblin

Lauren S. Lanphear


  • Sandy Hopp

Rose M. Epperson


  • Thomas E. Gaines

L.I. Arboricultural Association