TREE Fund grants sow the seeds for major EAB research funding: Summer 2012

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The TREE Fund has supported Ohio State University researcher Dan Herms’ investigations into Emerald Ash Borer resistance in ash trees since 2004. Herms and his colleagues have identified resistance mechanisms in Asian ash trees and continue to search for EAB-resistant germplasm in the few trees which survived southeastern Michigan’s EAB onslaught. The importance of their work to the industry was recognized by the TREE Fund Research Committee nearly a decade ago. More recently, Herms and his colleagues were awarded a $1.5 million grant from USDA APHIS to support their quest to develop EAB-resistant ash cultivars and reintroduce ash trees to the urban forest.

“The seed funding and credibility associated with our TREE Fund grants has been incredibly valuable.”

– Dan Herms, Ohio State University