TREE Fund seeing green thanks to $15,000 gift from Ameren

Donation will fund utility arboriculture research

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St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation recently made a gift of $15,000 to the TREE Fund to support research related to utility arboriculture.  The donation was announced at the International Society of Arboriculture’s annual Conference and Trade Show in Portland.

“Knowledge is the tool that every arborist reaches for every day,” said TREE Fund President and CEO Janet Bornancin. “Research contributes to better strategies for vegetation management near utility sites, development of safer practices and equipment for utility arborists and improved methods for identifying potentially hazardous trees near power lines which may pose a fire risk.  Ameren’s donation to the TREE Fund illustrates its commitment to the development of safer, more efficient and more effective practices for utility arboriculture.”

“For years, we have been committed to helping educate customers about the need to plant ‘the right tree in the right place,’” said David Hunt, VP, Corporate Communications of Ameren. “This donation to TREE Fund helps sustain scientific research that supports the utility arboriculture industry. Ameren believes in the power of knowledge to help utilities keep our workers safe, our environment protected and our customers assured of reliable energy source. We’re proud to partner with the TREE Fund in support of the research.”
About Ameren:
With assets of more than $23 billion,  Ameren Corporation owns a diverse mix of electric generating plants located in the Midwest, with a generating capacity of more than 15,900 megawatts. Through its Missouri and Illinois subsidiaries, Ameren serves 2.4 million electric customers and more than 900,000 natural gas customers in a 64,000-square-mile area. Its mission is to meet their energy needs in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. For more information, visit