Working Out of State? Arborist “To Do” List

This post is courtesy of William T. Rees, Jr., Senior Business Analyst, Vegetation Management Unit of Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

When traveling to other states to perform storm or other vegetation management activities, remember to take the following actions.

Before you leave:

  1. Consult for pest/pathogen quarantines in your state and the state where the work is planned to see if specific guidance is available for managing the spread of the pests/pathogens.
  2. Clean all chips from inside the dump body and power wash the inside to remove all chip residue.
  3. Thoroughly clean all cutting devices and tree hooks/gaffs with bleach.
  4. If chipping devices are being transported, follow cleaning/sanitizing methods specified above for dump body beds.  Blades, chip bed and shoot should be cleaned/sanitized.

Before returning home:

  1. Follow any specific recommendations for pests/pathogens on the recommended website.
  2. Follow the same cleaning/sanitation guidance noted above before exiting for your home territory.