Spring 2011 TREE Fund Report: ISA Chapters Surpass 2009 Fundraising by $40G

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ISA Chapters Surpass 2009 Fundraising by $40,000

Proving once again that creativity and determination trump a difficult economy, 19 ISA chapters raised a total of $385,000 for the TREE Fund in 2010, topping 2009’s totals by $40,000.

The top five contributors for 2010, with their Chapter Liaisons:

Western: $46,307
(2,322) Helen Stone

Wisconsin: $41,646
(331) Laura Wyatt

Illinois: $34,178
(817) Wilma Schroeder

Midwestern: $34,155
(198) Mike Dougherty

PNW: $31,702
(1,196) Wendy Robinson

(2010 chapter membership in parentheses)

The regional chapters of the ISA, guided by their TREE Fund Liaisons, are a mainstay of our foundation, providing financial support through event sponsorships, auction donations, local fundraisers and support of grass-roots fundraising by member Tour des Trees riders. The Chapter Challenge offers an opportunity for some friendly fundraising competition between the ISA chapters, with the TREE Fund’s research and scholarship budget reaping the ultimate reward.

Eight of the 19 chapters participating in the TREE Fund’s 2010 Chapter Challenge attained “Platinum” status, contributing an amount equivalent to $40 or more per registered ISA member. Four chapters achieved “Gold” status (equal to $30 per member), and two more were ranked “Bronze” (equal to $20 per member).

The Platinum Chapter Challenge virtual plaque for 2010 lists ISA Chapters from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Midwestern, New Jersey, Rocky Mountain, Utah and Wisconsin. New Jersey, led by TREE Fund Liaison Steve Chisholm of Aspen Tree Service, posted its fifth consecutive Platinum performance in 2010, while Liaisons Tom Ordway (IN) and Laura Wyatt (WI) each claimed Platinum status for their chapters for the third year in a row.

Stellar achievers include the Southern and Wisconsin Chapters, posting contributions that exceeded their 2009 totals by 300%! Illinois, Minnesota and Midwestern Chapters more than doubled their 2009 fundraising, and the top contributor overall was the Western Chapter with $62,941.

The Mid-Atlantic, New England, Ohio and Penn-Del Chapters earned a spot on the Gold Chapter Challenge plaque for 2010, and New York and PNW will be listed at Bronze.


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