Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson Photo

This month we are pleased to point the Volunteer Spotlight at Rebecca Johnson (Arborholic, LLC). Rebecca is our newest TREE Fund Liaison, representing ISA’s highly-influential Texas Chapter. She has been an active member of TREE Fund’s Communications Committee since its inception in 2017, and we have been very fortunate to have Rebecca’s expertise and astute perspectives as we have worked through website updates, social media roll-outs, and a re-launch of our monthly newsletter, TREE Press, and its quarterly supplement, Research Reports, over the past 18 months. In both of her TREE Fund roles, Rebecca has used her sharp social media skills to regularly promote the work of TREE Fund, not only to her ISA Texas Chapter members, but also to the international audience that TREE Fund serves and supports. Beyond her TREE Fund connections, she is an avid and enthusiastic champion for our professional arborists and urban foresters, recognizing, celebrating, and sharing her wisdom and perspective on their effort and impacts, locally and globally. We applaud Rebecca for her energy, acuity, and faithful support of TREE Fund’s mission, and we are proud to count her as a regular and irreplaceable contributor to our efforts.

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