About the Tree and Soil Research Fund

by James Urban, FASLA
Urban Trees + Soils
Annapolis, MD

As the profession of landscape architecture moves toward ‘evidence based’ practice, it is clear that much more research in this area is needed. TREE Fund, a national, nonprofit corporation dedicated to empowering urban tree research and education, established the Tree and Soil Research (TSR) Fund to research questions directly related to the design, installation and management of trees in urban landscapes and support the work of landscape architects.  TREE Fund has established an initial endowment goal for the TSR Fund of $500,000 and will award research grants of $25,000 per year, in perpetuity, once this endowment level is secured.

Supported research will include research into questions about the design, specification, installation, best practices and long-term management of plants and soil in urban landscapes.  Landscape architects and colleagues within the landscape industry who value the benefits of healthy, mature trees in our cities, are encouraged to support Tree and Soil Research Fund’s endowment campaign today.