Remediating Compacted Soils Compromised by Urban Construction Webinar

Nina Bassuk photoDr. Nina Bassuk
Cornell University

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Mountain


Landscape architects frequently either work with sites that have reasonably good soil that is then graded and compacted during construction, or work on sites where previous development has compacted and degraded the soil.  Often the response is to bring in new soils to correct the problem.  But there are lower cost, more sustainable options to work with the existing mineral resource at the site.  TREE Fund supported researcher Dr. Nina Bassuk will present options to improve degraded and compacted soil.  This webinar will give landscape architects new tools to increase sustainability and improve plant growth.

If you are not acquainted with Dr. Bassuk’s work, she has been a leader in the science of trees and soils for over 40 years.  Professor Bassuk is the author of numerous articles and research papers that have guided the evolution of best practices in the landscape industry.