Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund) is proud to announce its 2024 scholarship program recipients.


Six scholarships have been awarded from TREE Fund’s spring application cycle, which received 29 student applications. Each scholarship is worth $5,000. Of the six scholarships given, two were for the Robert Felix Memorial Scholarship and one each for the Bonnie Appleton Memorial Scholarship, John Wright Memorial Scholarship, Will Nutter Memorial Scholarship and Fran Ward Women in Arboriculture Scholarship.


The Robert Felix Memorial Scholarship which supports college students studying arboriculture, urban forestry or related fields with the intention of entering arboriculture was awarded to two students, Earielle London of Southern University and A&M College and Taylor Law of Portland Community College (OR).


The Bonnie Appleton Memorial Scholarship which supports college students studying arboriculture, urban forestry, horticulture, nursery management or a related field with the intention of becoming a professional in one of these fields was awarded to Jakob Van Berkom of South Dakota State University.


The John Wright Memorial Scholarship which supports high school seniors and returning college students pursuing careers related to arboriculture was awarded to Bailey Nez of Dartmouth College.


The Will Nutter Memorial Scholarship which supports the utility forestry and arboriculture industry by helping college students interested in those fields achieve high academic goals without accumulating burdensome debt was awarded to Gabriel Koelzer of West Virginia University.


The Fran Ward Women in Arboriculture Scholarship which supports female college students enrolled in a program related to the practice of arboriculture and urban forestry was awarded to Alexandra Cseri of the University of Rhode Island.


TREE Fund is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support scientific discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in the fields of arboriculture and urban forestry. TREE Fund promotes scientific inquiry designed to benefit commercial, residential, utility and consulting arborists, urban foresters, and other professionals in related fields in their shared work to create, support and sustain vibrant urban canopies. TREE Fund offers nine grants and six scholarships each year. More information can be found at