ISA Chapters raise over half a million for the TREE Fund in 2014

Three cheers for the regional chapters of ISA, led by the TREE Fund Liaisons and STIHL Tour des Trees fundraisers, for raising a remarkable $563,873 for the TREE Fund in 2014! This was an 8% increase in revenue over 2013 and the second highest level of chapter fundraising in the foundation’s history. The TREE Fund greatly appreciates the tireless efforts of these devoted volunteers.

Each year, ISA chapters participate in a friendly fundraising competition known as “Chapter Challenge.” Each chapter sets a Challenge goal, which is also used as an important budgeting tool for the TREE Fund. Chapter support of the TREE Fund is recognized with Platinum, Gold and Bronze Chapter Challenge virtual plaques that can be proudly displayed on chapter websites.

Ten chapters attained Platinum status in 2014, meaning they surpassed previous years’ support levels by 25% or more. These high achievers were Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Midwestern, Minnesota, Ohio, Southern, Utah and Wisconsin. Kudos to Indiana, Utah and Wisconsin for attaining Platinum level five years in a row, and to Ohio for accomplishing the same for four consecutive years! New England and New York achieved Gold status in 2014 by increasing their support of the TREE Fund by 10%, and Penn-Del earned Bronze status with support equal to its previous contribution levels.

Thirteen ISA chapters raised more money in 2014 than in 2013. The Wisconsin Arborist Association, host of the 2014 ISA Conference and STIHL Tour des Trees and champion of the Bob Skiera Memorial Fund, was the top fundraiser, generating a record-breaking $104,717. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New England, Ohio and Southern chapters registered record levels of support as well.

Midwestern, Minnesota and Wisconsin more than doubled their 2013 support levels in 2014. Florida increased its fundraising dollars by 27%, Kentucky by 15% and Utah and Pacific Northwest improved by 6% and 3%, respectively.

The TREE Fund extends a sincere “thank you” to all the ISA Chapters and TREE Fund Liaisons for their dedication and creative efforts that made 2014 such a success. We’re looking forward to an equally outstanding 2015 Chapter Challenge!

Chapter Challenge totals include chapter sponsorships of TREE Fund special events, funds raised by Tour riders, auction proceeds from items donated by chapters, proceeds from chapter fundraising events and individual and corporate donations to the TREE Fund obtained through the efforts of the chapter.